Late Blight..some interesting reading

It’s been a crazy year for growing tomatoes…heavy rains, flooding, hail, excessive heat, record lows, and now we’re in the midst of another heat wave…who knows what fall and winter will bring!

Most folks that I’ve talked to though are having a great season with big harvests and little problems to speak of especially when it comes to blight.  My good friends the Denesha’s from Tomatotown sent me a NYT article about the problems of diseases that are affecting gardeners this year.

Here are a few important snippets from the article that are particularly interesting:

“According to plant pathologists, this killer round of blight began with a widespread infiltration of the disease in tomato starter plants. Large retailers like Home Depot, Kmart, Lowe’s and Wal-Mart bought starter plants from industrial breeding operations in the South”

“So what do we do?

For starters, if you’re planning a garden (and not growing from seed — the preferable, if less convenient, choice), then buy starter plants from a local grower or nursery. A tomato plant that travels 2,000 miles is no different from a tomato that has traveled 2,000 miles to your plate. It’s an effective way to help local growers, who rely on sales of these plants before the harvest arrives. It’s also a way to protect agriculture. If late blight occurs in a small nursery it’s relatively easy to recognize, as straightforward as being able to see the plant, recognize its symptoms and isolate it before it has a chance to spread.”

I’m not in this to make a lot of money…I’m in it because I love growing tomatoes and enjoy meeting and helping people that have the same interests thaat I do.  I’ll always sell my plants at a lower cost than the nuresries and big box stores and will always provide help throughout the year to make your garden as successful as possible.  Thanks so much for your support and I’ll see you on the 22nd!


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