Tomorrow is the Big Day! KCTTTT!!!!

Well, we have a big basket of tomatoes ready to bring…many different varieties, but I can’t wait to try some we didn’t plant!  I’ll make a bunch of bruschetta in the morning and have three French loaves ready to pick up.  We’re so looking forward to visiting everyone and hearing gardening tales of triumph and woe.  The weather looks to be perfect!

I’ll likely be at the park on Roe around 10:00 so if you want to stop by early to help set up, feel free to come early.  I also have a few prizes we’ll draw for so you might go home with a goody or a gift certificate!

As a reminder…bring something to drink if you’d like (I’ll have some bottled water for thirsty folks)and a lawn chair to rest in between trips to try all the tomato dishes and samples.  Kids and leashed pets are welcome!

See you in the morning with the bounty from your gardens!



  1. K Mueller said

    Here is the list of what was there:

    Beam’s Yellow Pear
    Black Cherry
    Black from Tula
    Black Krim
    Box Car Willie
    Brandokee F1
    Caspian Pink
    Cherokee White
    Cherokeee Purple
    Cherry Army?
    F1 (Green Zebra x Black Cherry) x apricot, green striped high pigment line
    F1 (Purple Haze x Big Beef) x apricot, green striped, high pigment line
    F1 (Sparks x (Green Zebra x Black Cherry)) x apricot, high pigment line
    F1 (Tom’s Yellow Wonder x (Sungold x Little Lucky)) x apricot fleshed, green striped high pigment line
    H17 muliple disease resistant line based on Purple Haze
    Julie Child
    Kellog’s Breakfast
    L01652 L.esculentum x L.pimpinellifolium breeding line for sweetness
    LA3706 apricot, tangerine and striped genes (hi-brix) breeding line
    Lucky Cross x Purple Haze F3
    Matino’s Roma
    Mortgage Lifter
    Mountain Magic
    P20 x Purple Haze PL17 (anthocyanin tomatoes)
    P20 x Purple Haze PL19 (anthocyanin tomatoes)
    P20 x Purple Haze PL26 (anthocyanin tomatoes)
    P20 x Purple Haze PL4 (anthocyanin tomatoes)
    P20 x Purple Haze RL5 (anthocyanin tomatoes)
    P20 x Purple Haze RL7 (anthocyanin tomatoes)
    Paul Robeson
    Pink Ping Pong
    Purple Haze
    Snow White
    Sun Gold x Little Lucky F3
    Super Snow White
    Yellow Pear

  2. K Mueller said

    I had mentioned to others the Kurlbaum’s farm in KCK.

    here are pictures of their fields

    Their website is

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