4th of July Harvest!

Happy Birthday America!  A special thanks to all of those who are serving in the military and those families that love them.  Thank you for protecting our freedoms.

The mid-west adage that if you get ripe tomatoes by the 4th of July then you’re a lucky gardener may be true..if so, I need to buy a lottery ticket!

Here’s a picture of the harvest…quite a variety to say the least and this is just the beginning!

I’ve got Mr. Stripey, Black Cherry, Juanne Flamme, Sungold, Carbon, Stupice, Sunsugar, Gigant Pelina, JD’s Special C-Tex, yellow squash, zucchini, Zephyr squash, bride hybrid, fengyuan purple, green goddess eggplant, serrano, thai hot, jalapeno, fooled you, and sweet banana peppers and a few blue lake beans.



  1. I’m jealous. My Mr. Stripey doesn’t even have fruit set yet, and nothing else seems to be ripening up just yet.

    • huntoften said

      That’s funny…my Mr. Stripey was one of the first to set fruit…you just can’t predict much with these things some years. Watch those green tomatoes closely…pick at first blush and put on the kitchen table stem side down…they’ll ripen up in a few days and you won’t feed the squirrels. Can’t wait to see what you can do with a pizza and some of your own tomatoes!

  2. Rich said

    What do you do about squash bugs and vine borers? Your harvest looks great, I am jealous!

    • huntoften said

      I’ve never had a problem with squash bugs..fingers crossed. As for SVB’s…they have devastated my squash and pumpkins plants most every year…nothing I’ve done has ever stopped them. So far this year, they haven’t hit me…so far.

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