The beginning of the Tomato Tsunami!

Don’t worry if you don’t have ripe tomatoes coming out of your ears…you will soon!  I’ve got about 70 plants out this year and maybe half of them are producing ripe fruit…some just one or two so far, but the best is yet to come!

We are eating tomatoes in some form or another pretty much every meal now…the variety is absolutely wonderful.  Our Sungold and SunSugar plants have been a delight this year.  My mother told me yesterday that she wants a LOT more Sungold in her garden next year.  We’ve also picked a few Black Cherry and are savoring them like a fine wine.  Juanne Flamme has been producing as well and we learned that they need to be fully ripe…almost over-ripe to get the best flavor from the French “Yellow Flame” .  Dr. Carolyn, Yellow Pear, and Isis Candy haven’t produced ripe fruit yet…they must be later producers.

On the larger tomato front, we’ve had plenty of Mortgage Lifters including a monster triple fused fruit that’s bigger than a softball.  We’ve had some JD’s Special C-Tex, Carbon, and one beautiful Cherokee Purple ripen to satisfy the taste for the black tomatoes. We’ve had a couple of Cuostralee grace our palates…beauty and flavor in one package!

The only ripe fruits to come out of the “rainbow bed”  so far have been some Mr. Stripey and two glorious KBX!

Demidov produced a few fruit, then the plant gave up the ghost.  It joins the dearly departed Betkeley Tie Dye, and Limmony that bit the dust due to virus and basterial issues.  R.I.P.!

We’ve also had our fair share of Blossom End Rot rear it’s ugly head..err…bottom. I’ve tossed at least 2 dozen fruit in the compost pile, but am not worried as this usually only affects the early season fruits.

My last post about when to pick a tomato brought several questions and requests for picture.  The following picks show fruit in various stages of blush…all will ripen on my table until they make their way into the next delicious meal!

Oh yeah…made a batch of Basil Jelly this morning.  I got the idea  from Tomato Addict , modified the recipe a bit from some other ones online and can’t wait to try it out!

The Tomato Tasting is just 3 weeks away…RSVP if you haven’t already!


  1. The first one looks like 4 tomatos growing into one. I really like yellow tomatos, they have such a mellow flavor – yours look very healthy,

    • huntoften said

      We have several yellow and orange tomatoes this year…KBX and Kellogg’s Breakfast are our favorites.

  2. Mark said

    Beautiful tomatos! Do you use pesticides?

    • huntoften said

      I use Silver Reflective Mulch Film to keep most bugs away. I used Pyola twice on an aphid outbreak, but have had no other problems. I do use Daconail as a fungicide…have to with this wet and humid weather.

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