Second Annual KC Tomato Times Tomato Tasting…FAQ’s

We’re just a week and change away from the 2nd annual KCTTTT!  Last year’s event was very successful and this year looks to be twice as big and twice as awesome!

I have had a lot of tomato lovers ask me about how this event works, so I’m listing some FAQ’s to clarify things for everyone so that we can all have a great time celebrating the tomato!

Q:  When and where is the KCTTTT?

A: It’s Saturday, August 7th at Roe Park from 10:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m.  The event will be held at Roe Park: 104th and Roe in Overland Park, KS.  It’s just about 1/2 mile north of 435 and Roe on the west side of the street.

Q: Who is invited to the KCTTTT?

A: All Tomato Gardeners and Tomato Lovers and their families are invited.  All I ask is that you RSVP ahead of time so I know how many name tags, plates, and other things to bring.

Q: How much does it cost to attend?

A: It’s free to all who RSVP and their families.

Q:  What do I need to bring to the KCTTTT?

A:  If you have home grown tomatoes, please bring them.  One or two of each variety you have ripe would be great.  Please label them with the variety name with a marker near the stem end so we can distinguish one type from another.  If you have a favorite tomato-related dish, you can bring that as well.  Please bring several copies of the recipe so guests can try your dish out at home.  You might want to bring a notebook and pen to record information about varieties you try so that you have a reference for what to grow next year. Seating is very limited, so everyone needs to bring a lawn chair.  The picnic tables will be covered with tomatoes and there will not be any available seating…so again, please bring a chair.  You can also bring a beverage if you’d like, but remember that Roe Park does not allow alcohol.

Q: What if I don’t have any tomatoes…can I still attend the KCTTTT?

A:  Of course you can!  Just bring your tomato loving appetite and maybe something to share such as bread, cheese, or a dessert of some sort.

Q:  Will there be prizes for attendees?

A:  I have some great gardening gifts, T-shirts from, and gift certificates for plants as door prizes and for contest winners.

Q:  What are the contests?

A: There will be three awarded for three categories.  Heaviest tomato, Ugliest Tomato, and Most Beautiful Tomato Art.  I will have a scale to weigh the whopper tomatoes.  Ugliest tomato and MBTA will be judged by crowd accolades.  Bring your most cat-faced, fused bloom, monkey-butt-looking tomato to win for ugliest.  Make a primarily tomato-themed piece of art to win the MBTA award…show us how creative you can be with your bounty from the garden!

Q: Are pets allowed?

A:  Well-behaved, leashed pets are definitely welcome!

Q: Is there anything for the kids to do at this event?

A: There is a great playground and bicycle trail right by the pavilion and Roe Pool is right across the parking lot.

Q:  Do you need any help setting up the event or help with anything else?

A:  I plan on arriving at around 9:00 a.m. to begin setting up.  If you’d like to help with covering tables and organizing, we would appreciate the help.  If you have a folding table, please bring it along.  I’m not sure how many tables we’ll need, but it would be great to have some extras available to spread out the tomatoes and dishes.  I’ll have several cutting boards, and knives available to slice everything up.  I’ll also have labels for any variety of tomato that I sold seedlings of this spring.  If you are bringing other varieties, please bring a note card with the name of your types of tomato.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you again and talking about all the trials, tribulations, and victories you’ve had this summer. I’m also looking forward to tasting some great different varieties and maybe finding my new favorite tomato!


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