Bhut Jolokia Tasting on Sunday

5:00 Roe Park, Sunday afternoon…be there!

I’ll have an assortment of hot peppers and a half-dozen bhut jolokia (ghost peppers) for the brave to sample.  If you want to try them, you’re responsible for your own heat extinguisher…milk, butter, chocolate or you can just suffer for the duration!

If you can’t handle the heat, just come by to watch the insanity!


  1. I love the heat, but I have no interest in trying to put one of these in my mouth. Might be fine as an ingredient in a very large batch of something, but eating a pepper like this by itself, why? For seven bucks at Harbor Freight, you can get an aerosol canister of pepper spray and just mace yourself.

  2. Though I guess there’s something to be said for being the most of something.

    • huntoften said

      Because it’s there!

  3. Marcia Lane said

    I have lots of green tomatoes still on my vines – much of it due to planting very late in the season. What do I do?! They have not been frostbitten yet, but may be soon……..

    • huntoften said

      The green ones can be picked and brought inside. Some MAY ripen if you place them in a single layer in a dark/cool place. Check them every few days for ripening or rotten fruit. You can also take the green ones, slice them, dip them in an egg wash, flour and fry….delicious and tart! Another option is green tomato relish or canned green tomatoes. If all else fails, toss them in the compost pile!

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