Peppers and Eggplants and Basil…OH MY!

Ok…now that you’ve had a few days to digest that massive tomato list, here is a peek at the peppers, eggplant and basils I’ll have available as well.

The most exciting pepper in the world has got to be the Bhut Jolokia…at 1,000,000+ on the Scoville scale it makes habaneros taste like M and M’s! Those hardy souls that sacrificed  their taste buds last Fall at the pepper tasting, know the amazing flavor and the painful heat this beauty brings to the garden!  These plants are tough to grow and I had to start them way earlier and provide bottom heat for them for the duration of their infancy, so they’ll be a bit more expensive ($5) than my other plants.

Another unique pepper I have is the infamous “Peter Pepper”  This one’s a great gag plant for those of you bawdy gardeners out there!


For those that like the heat, but not quite that much, I have these hot peppers as well:

  • Jalapeno Heaven Hybrid
  • Poblano L
  • Big Bomb Hybrid
  • Jalapeno M
  • Thai Hot
  • MuMex Sunrise
  • Habanero
  • Thai Bird
  • Habanero Arbol
  • Fresno
  • Hot Cherry Bomb
  • Cayenne
  • Jalapeno OP

For those that like their peppers sweet, I have a great selection as well.

  • California Wonder
  • Sweet Banana
  • Jimmy Nardello
  • Lilac Hybrid
  • Red Beauty Hybrid
  • Sheepnose Pimento
  • Cubanelle
  • Yolo Wonder

I also have Toma Verde Tomatilo plants…make sure you buy at least two of these as they are self-sterile….I learned this the hard way last year!  These plants make for excellent fresh and canned salsas…try them out if you have room for a couple.

For basils, I will have the following:

  • Italian Large Leaf
  • Green Joy
  • Holy Basil Red Leaf
  • Holy Basil Green Leaf
  • Purple Stem
  • Siam Queen
  • Thai Magic

I’ll also have Green Goddess and Fengyan Purple eggplant available.  Both of these are excellent for stir fries, grilling, or just breading and frying.


  1. Russell Muirhead said

    Have you ever tried to start fruit trees from seeds?

    • huntoften said

      Nope…never have. I am not a super patient gardener…fruit trees take so long to bear fruit and are a long term investment. Tomatoes and Peppers and Herbs I can grow like crazy,..fruit trees…who knows!

      • Chuck said

        I’ve been reading your site and Im wondering where I go here in KC to buy some of your plants, particularly the ghost pepper and heirloom tomatoes.


  2. Ruby said

    I would like to buy a plant from you ghost chilli plant is it possible

    • huntoften said

      Sorry, I’m all out of plants this year. thanks!

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