Early spring…maybe! You can cheat things a bit!

Last week I pushed the envelope of early planting by getting my lettuce seedlings, kohlrabi seedlings, cabbage seedlings, and brussels sprouts seedlings in the garden.  The day after I planted we had a HUGE thunderstorm and it abused them pretty badly, but they are tough.

The low that evening was forecast to drop into the 20’s, so I had to act quickly to save my plants.  That evening I hastily built two “low tunnels” one out of PVC pipe,the other out of wire frames.  I covered both with Agribond 19  (Similar to Reemay) and closed them up with no daylight to spare.

A week later, all of the plants seem to be doing well and are just in need of some sunshine (aren’t we all) to take off and make some salads!

I neglected to take pictures of the tunnels, but my brother took a picture of the one he built once he fawned all over my beds.  Here’s a picture of his Agribond-19 covered bed.

Here’s a peek at how I plant my salad crops.  The only thing I plant from seeds this time of year are radishes and snow peas and onion sets.  Pretty much everything else I start in the house.

This is my bed all tilled with compost, Argonite, and some 5-5-3 organic Fertrell fertilizer added in.

Above is a picture of a flat of lettuce seedlings I started about 3 weeks earlier.

Here you can see the roots of the seedlings

Here you can see them separated and lying in a trench.

Now they are all tucked in and ready for some Caesar Dressing in a few weeks!

A good garden notebook is a must!  I-pod and Depeche Mode tunes optional.

I’m also in the process of building a new greenhouse.  This one will be a lot easier for you guys to visit and pick up your plants.  No more walking down the wood plank and steps!

Here it is in skeleton phase…glass and roof will be on it soon!

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