Waiting for the Magic to Happen!

We’ve had some great tomato growing weather the past few weeks…that week we had highs in the low 80’s and low humidity was perfect for setting fruit.  Most all of my plants are doing well except for my Golden Queen USDA…she bit the dust yesterday due to some unknown disease.  We’ve been eating fresh green beans, cucumbers, onions, and will be starting to pick some summer squash today.

A lot of us are still experiencing some leaf curl, but I think it’s going away now that our tomato plants are maturing.

Remember to keep up that weekly application of fungicide and to prune any foliage that’s touching the ground or showing signs of disease…this will extend your harvest considerably into late summer if you’re proactive on pruning and spraying.

I went ahead and booked Roe Park again for the Tomato Tasting on August 6th. One of these days we’ll find an indoor event, but until then we’ll stick with this location.  Make sure you RSVP to me by e-mail or on Facebook


I took a few more videos of the garden this week…enjoy!


Black Tomato Bed Fruit Set

Garden Overview

Patio Garden Progress

Sick Golden Queen USDA

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