Gardening on the surface of the Sun!

Not quite, but it sure feels like it anyway!  This heat wave is brutal and there is no end in sight of these brutal temperatures.

Other than a 30 minute trip to the garden each day, I am pretty much in summer hibernation mode.  We are just now getting our first quantities of ripe tomatoes…only about 1/4 of my plants have produced a ripe fruit so far.  We did manage to have our first BLT’s of the season yesterday…Cherokee Purple and Carbon are the finest fruits I’ve ever eaten…if you’re not growing those two this year, make room for a plant or two  of each next season!

Some advice I can offer for gardening in this heat:

  • Garden early in the morning to take advantage of the coolest part of the day.  This is also the best time to water.
  • Pick tomatoes as soon as they show any signs of blushing (color change)  They ripen SUPER FAST in this heat and can spoil in a day or two if left on the vine.
  • Water deeply every 4-6 days.  Avoid watering the foliage and avoid over-watering. If plants droop during the day, but re-bound at night, they have enough water (drooping leaves is a way they conserve water)
  • Water container plants twice a day if possible.
  • Stay on top of your weekly fungicide spraying regimen…spray immediately after any rain.
  • Keep an eye out for insect invasions…lots of people are having problems with various worms…hand pick them (use gloves if they are icky) before they eat too much of your plant.

Other than that, I’m just waiting for August 6th!  If you haven’t RSVP’d for the 3rd annual tomato tasting yet, please do so by e-mail or our Facebook page.  We’re less than 3 weeks away from the tasting and we should hit it at the peak of tomato ripening this year!

I’ll update the blog with information about the tasting next week and send out a reminder notice as well.


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