2012 Tomato Plant List

This is a tentative list.  Depending on seed germination, weather conditions, and other factors, I may or may not have all of these varieties available  If you order a variety and I do not have it available when you pick up your plant, I will try to replace it with a similar variety or other plant at your discretion.

E-mail me at jworley1@hotmail.com with a list of varieties you’d like and the quantity of each.  I’ll set your order aside and take care of your plants until you’re ready to put them in your garden.  Plants will be available for pick-up starting April 21st..  I recommend planting around the first full week of May.  If you plant earlier than this, you’ll have to watch for possible frosts and cover your plants or move them indoors to avoid damage.  Tomato and pepper plants cannot tolerate any frosts!

I will also have Italian and Asian basil plants available as well as some other herbs this year.

I will also have cucumber plants of several types this year.

Plant prices will be $2.50 each, 5 plants for $10, or 12 plants for $20.  Further discounts for very large quantities.

For those of you interested in growing lettuce, I will have lettuce plants available in early March.  I’ll have a one-day sale for these lettuce plants and will send out an e-mail reminder when I know the date of the lettuce plant sale…it will depend on the weather.

So without further ado, here is this year’s list.  Please click on the hyperlinks for each variety to learn more about them.  As always, you can e-mail me with any questions you might have about gardening and I’ll do my best to help!

2012 Tomatoes

Red or Pink Tomatoes

Brandywine Sudduth’s Strain

Mule Team

Eva Purple Ball

Mortgage Lifter

Brandywine Cowlick’s Strain

Bolseno F1


Early Girl


German Giant


Frank’s Large Red

Abe Lincoln

Aunt Lou’s Underground Railroad

Neves Azorean Red


German Johnson

Fritz Ackerman



Yellow or BiColor Tomatoes

Burraker’s Favorite

Kellogg’s Breakfast



Orange Heart


Green When Ripe Tomatoes

Green Doctors

Aunt Ruby’s German Green


Cherokee Green

Black Tomatoes

JD’s Special C-Tex

Black Krim


Black from Tula

Cherokee Purple

Paul Robeson

Chocolate Stripes


Tomatoes for Sauce or Salsas


San Marzano


Roma VF



Sylvan Guame

Cherry/Grape Tomatoes

Yellow Submarine

Medovaya Kaplya

Yellow Pear

Red Grape F1

Isis Candy

Sweet 100 Hybrid


Black Cherry

Matt’s Wild Cherry


Green Grape

Tomatoes Good for Growing in Containers

New Big Dwarf

Better Bush VFN Hybrid

A special THANK YOU to Tatiana’s Tomatobase for providing the best heirloom tomato resource on the Internet!


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  2. Brad Brown said

    Awsome, I have some new raised beds and want herbs and tomato plants. I have about 2 acres here in town 63rd 435 area and have 3 goats and are getting 20 chickens from a neighbor thats moving so have alot going on. Brad

  3. […] is too late to pre-order, James has plenty of extra plants. Here are the varieties he offers this season. DripWorks – Heart of the Garden Drip Irrigation Kit Tubes Feed Water Directly to Plants […]

  4. […] course, we are picking up our usual order from local tomato guru James Worley this weekend, so look for our update sometime Sunday. Previous Topic: Spring […]

  5. […] J likes to plan tomatoes.  Good thing James Worley publishes his list of seedlings in February. Farme Share […]

  6. Marlene Marks said

    Dear Mr. Worley, I am Todds sister looking forward to tomato tasting, bringing 3 people, have tomato napkins, 2 door prizes, red& yellow tablecloth, recipes to share

  7. steven bogler, 785-690-7071 said

    how do i get in touch with you to purchase tomatoe plants?

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