Special Tomato Varieties

I went a bit nuts and started a bunch more varieties of plants.  I am not offering these for sale er se, but will grow several of them myself and put the rest in the gardens of folks that pre-order or will
PROMISE to grow them and bring  fruit or two to the tomato tasting on August 4th.

I started only a half-dozen seeds of many of these, so I may only have a few plants available, but I think all of these have the potential to be your new favorite tomato.

When you pick up your plants this spring, let me know if you’d like some of these special varieties to try in your garden.


  1. Awesome!!!!!

  2. Ben Wilson said

    Ok got in late on this, but would love to buy some of these varieties.
    or raise them for tasting/ seed saving. let me know.

    • huntoften said

      Not too late at all! just send me and e-mail (jworley1 @ hotmail.com )with your varieties and quantity of each and I’ll have them ready for you at the end of April.

  3. We grew the Taxi two years running in our garden in Connecticut. My daughter would eat them ALL day long if we let her. But the plants are small and they are determinate so we don’t get the HUGE bounty of other plants. Still, totally worth it for low-acid tomatoes. We’ll plant them toward the front of the garden to make sure they don’t get shaded by the larger ones.

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