Last Chances for Plants!

I’m quickly running out of some varieties, but I still have plenty of plants.  Stop by my home at this Monday through Friday from 5-7 p.m. Saturday the 12th  from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. or Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and I’ll be sure to have some great plants to fill up your garden!

For those of you that already have my plants…get them in the ground!


  1. Sue said

    I live in eastern Jackson county near Unity Village. I would like to come by your garden and buy some tomato plants, but wanted to check and see if you still have any of the following varieties. Beam’s yellow pear, black cherry, cherokee purple and possibly another heirloom or two such as a green zebra or would like your recommendation of a good tomato to try for flavor, color, etc. I’m not a tomato farmer, just want to try a few good tomatoes for eating pleasure.

    Thank you,

    • huntoften said

      I have Cherokee Purple and Black Cherry, but am out of Yellow Pear and Green Zebra (sold the last ones last night) . I’ve got several other excellent varieties that have beautiful color and excellent taste though.

      • Sue said

        I’m sad. I sure wanted to try one of the yellow pear, but I am still interested in the cherokee purple and black cherry and also a recommendation from you for one of your other varieties. My yard is pretty heavily treed, so sun is sparce. I have 4 large (those big tree pots) pots I can place in good sun all day and want to have my tomato garden in them. Would it be possible that you would be around your home on Monday evening 5/14 for me to come buy some plants? I will also want a few heirloom for a daughter. If you should come up with One of the yellow pear plants I would be so happy. Thanks, Sue

      • huntoften said

        If you can give me a specific time on Monday after 5 p.m., that would be great. As for yellow pear…I doubt I’ll have one, but I may have one in a pre-order if they don’t pick up their plants you can have it.

  2. Sue said

    Would 5:30 work for you? I like your attitude. If there is a Beams yellow pear hanging out in an order that may be forgotten, that would be great.
    I will plan to stop by around 5:30 monday 5/14. Thank you, Sue
    PS: Do you have the “tie dye” tomato? That’s another I am looking for. See you Monday.

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