Drip Irrigation Basics

Here’s a video of the basics of drip irrigation.  I highly recommend buying Dripworks.com products as they are very easy to use, durable, and the customer service is excellent.

Buy the Heart of the Garden Kit and add on the Drip Emitters Kit and you can water up to 50 plants.   The kits can be used for years and years and adjusted to any type of garden.  You can get a lot fancier like my garden, but the basic kit is really a good place to start.


  1. […] have regular rains, you’ll need to irrigate somehow.  I have my entire garden set up with a drip irrigation system which makes my watering chores super easy.  You can also hand water or use soaker hoses. […]

  2. Seems to me that a single filter and pressure regulator before the manifold would have been a simpler, more economical solution to providing water to your three zones.

    • huntoften said

      With the large number of plants I have, I need three separate systems to ensure enough water goes to each plant. I never run all three zones at the same time for various reasons. Some zones need more frequent watering, i.e. peppers and other container plants. Some zones need less frequent watering, i.e. tomatoes. Having the filters/pressure regulators after the manifold allows me to leave one valve without a pressure regulator/filter so I can run my high pressure sprinkler for my corn without having to remove and attach lines to the drip system.

  3. Dewan said

    Very informative and intuitive video

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