Not sure what to say about this weather… just speechless.

Most of my tomato plants are doing ok…much, much shorter than usual as they have stopped growing vertically as they spend their energy trying to cope with the heat.

I lost 4 plants completely (2 ananas noir and 1 cherokee purple heart) due to some sort of physiological condition due to heavy early fruit set and the heat .  We did manage to save the fruit from them though.

A few of my plants are still setting fruit in this high heat somehow, but most of the plants are just dropping any blossoms that form.  It looks to get a bit cooler this week, so hopefully I’ll get some fruit set for a late summer harvest.

I really think the plants are doing well all things considered.  The silver mulch film is bouncing a lot of heat off of the soil keeping it cooler.  Watering very little in May and June forced the plants to have deep roots and I think this is what is keeping them going.  Regular weekly spraying of fungicide and good pruning of any disease has helped as well.  It was a lot of work, but we’re starting to harvest a lot of  tomatoes now.  First BLT of the season!

I’ll post up in a week or so with details on the Tomato Tasting…all things considered with the weather this year, we look forward to another great event on August 4th!


  1. James said

    Now that it’s been over 100° for a few weeks (although we got a break in the 90’s last week), should you water more often now? Or just water with a good soaking about once a week? I’d love to hear any advice you have.

    • huntoften said

      I still only water tomatoes in the ground or raised beds once every 5 days even in this heat. I watered Wednesday…2 gallons per plant…won’t water again until Sunday or Monday. Now the plants in containers get watered 2-3 times a day in this heat.

  2. Phil Martin said

    Put Cherokee Purples in on May 6, and harvested the first fruit on July 8, and like you, the BLT was the first thing on my list! This year I staggered my plantings, so that once the May 6th plants gave out their first fruits, the ones planted two weeks later are now starting to change color and should “fill in the gaps” between the big hauls of tomatoes. In the past, I’d have 20 lbs all at once, and then nothing for a month!

    • huntoften said

      Great to hear….CP is the gold standard of all tomatoes!

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