Rare Tomato Varieties


Every year I try my best to research information about rare and unusual tomato varieties..  Then I try and collect them through various vendors and seed trades.  Once I get all of these in my hot little hands, I then have to make the tough decisions on which ones to plant.  No matter how hard I try, I always end up starting wayyyyy more varieties than I can ever plant in my own gardens.

What I like to do with these super-cool and rare types is to put them into the hands of gardeners who appreciate their rareness and are willing to try new things in their garden.  I also hope that they bring a sample or two to the annual tomato tasting (our FIFTH year!) for others to enjoy the flavor and beauty of the unique types of tomatoes.

tomatotasting2012 010

If you place a pre-order with me this year and will do your best to attend the tomato tasting on August 3rd, you can lay claim to one or two of these precious plants for FREE!  Look through the varieties below and when you pick up your plants in April or May, you can pick from what is available.  Trust me…you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood if you have one of these in your garden!

2013 Rare/Unusual Tomato Varieties

BKX (Black Krim Potato Leaf)

Black Zebra

Red Pear Giant (Gran Sasso Strain)

Pierce’s Pride

Marlowe Charleston

Dester’s Amish


Violet Jasper

Anna Russian

Kiss The Sky (Purple Haze F6)

Cherokee Gold

Turks Muts



Bosque Bumblebee



Chadwick’s Cherry

Sweetie Cherry

Barlow Jap

Lucky Cross

Gregori’s Altai

Principe Borghese

Peacevine Cherry

Seek-No-Further Love Apple

Hippie Zebra

Brandywine from Croatia

Red Boar

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