Gardening Periphery

Besides all of the 115 varieties of tomatoes, plethora of peppers, and myriad herbs, I am also offering some of my favorite garden goodies for sale.  When you pick up your tomato and pepper plant order, keep in mind that I also have the following for sale:

Cucumber Plants

Straight 8

Miniature White


Ancient Chinese

Sweeter Yet

Early Spring Burpless

Alibi F1 (Pickling type)

Okra Plants

Carmine Splendor


Clemson Spineless

All okra and cucumber plants are the same price as the tomato and peppers.  $2.50 each, 5 for $10, or 12 for $20.

Organic Fertilizer

I will again have my organic fertilizer blend that is perfect for tomatoes and peppers.  It is a mix of organic fertilizer, mycorrhizae, and other mineral supplements that feed and protect your plants.  Sprinkle some of it in the planting hole and then side dress with it just as your plants set fruit.  A quart bag will feed about a dozen plants for the year.  $5 per one quart bag.

5 Gallon Grow Bags

These bags are perfect for growing pepper and eggplants in.  The black bags absorb a lot of heat which peppers and eggplants love.  They also drain very well to keep the roots from being soggy.  Fill them with a quality potting soil and you’ll have huge harvests of peppers and eggplant.  I started growing peppers and eggplant in black containers a few years ago and have been amazed at how many more fruit I get when compared with plants grown in the ground.  The bags are $1 each, 6 for $5, or 15 for $10.

Silver Reflective Mulch Film

This material is the best I have ever used for mulching tomato plants.  The silver film is so bright that you must wear sunglasses when working in the garden on a sunny day.  The film bounces light under the leaves of your plants and deters almost all insects that like to eat your plants.  Aphids are virtually eliminated by using this material!  I used to use a lot of insecticides in my garden, but in the several years I’ve been using silver mulch film, I have only used some insecticidal soap to spot treat for bugs.  I have also never had a tomato hornworm!  The plastic film eliminates weeding and does an excellent job of retaining moisture.  You need to use drip irrigation, or soaker hoses under the film, or water each plant at the base by hand as water does not go through the film.  The film is 5 feet wide and very durable.  Use garden staples to anchor it to the soil and a box cutter to make holes for your plants. I sell the film for 50 cents per linear foot.

silver film

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