Slow is an understatement!

It’s been 4 days since we have had any sunshine and weeks since we’ve had anything close to warm temperatures.  My rain barrels have been brim full and the garden beds are soaked completely due to lots of heavy rain and few dry days between them.  This is the exact opposite of last year’s super warm spring and dry and hot summer.  As a result of all of this, everything is growing, but growing super slowly.

As soon as it warms up and the sun shines for a few days, everything is going to grow very rapidly, but until then….patience.

As you can see, my plants are tucked inside the greenhouses with electric and propane heat.  I’m out of room for them all, so I wrapped one cart of peppers in Agribond and put a small electric heater blowing into it…fingers crossed they all stay warm enough tonight.

aprilfreee2013 001

aprilfreee2013 010

aprilfreee2013 020

The tomato plants are still very small this year.  They’ve been growing roots, but top growth has been minimal for most varieties.  We’re still three weeks from planting them outside, so they should be plenty big enough by then.

aprilfreee2013 002

The good news is, the cool season crops are loving the weather and their Agribond coverings. The spinach, lettuce, kale, radishes, garlic, snow peas, onions, beets, cabbages, and myriad other cool season craps are doing pretty well considering most were planted when there was 20 inches of snow on the ground!

aprilfreee2013 012

aprilfreee2013 013

aprilfreee2013 015

aprilfreee2013 014

aprilfreee2013 018

aprilfreee2013 019

The most important thing you can learn as a gardener is how difficult it is to grow your own food and how we should appreciate the food we have.  We should never complain about the price of quality produce at the farmer’s market and we should question why the produce at the supermarket can be so cheap at times.   Gardening is a test of patience and a chance for use to get as close to Nature as possible.  With all the ups and downs the seasons bring, we still plant our seeds with hope and dreams.

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