Not sure where to start!

May212013garden 003

Wow!  What a whirlwind few weeks it has been!  Plant sales are all but done and we had a great year with soooooooooo many great friends returning year after year to fill their gardens with my seedlings.  It’s so good to see familiar faces (as well as a lot of new faces!) walking down the driveway with anticipation and hope for the upcoming gardening season.

May212013garden 001

I’m so proud when they ogle the greenery of my gardens and then I take them on a brief tour which usually ends up with them taking home some lovely lettuce and other greens for a fresh salad.

May212013garden 010

One of the best things  each year is seeing the children of gardening parents.  I know that all of these great kids are going to be spending less time in front of the TV and playing video games and more time with their hands in the soil and some sweat on their brow!

May212013garden 007

Everything is growing well despite the cray cray weather we’ve had this spring.  Long periods of no sunshine, late snows, hard freezes, and a Mother’s Day frost have had all of us scrambling around trying to plant and at the same time being hesitant to plant.  Fortunately the weather has finally turned sunny and warm and everything is rapidly catching up in growth.

May212013garden 004


The biggest problem for me this year has not been the weather…I’ve dealt with that with some hard work and perseverance.  The biggest problem by far has been the destructive cutworms!  I’ve lost 10 plants to them so far this year and many of those were varieties I had no replacements for.  I used Diatomaceous Earth…they broke through the circle.  I put two nails beside each stem…they chewed the plants down in between the nails.  I sprayed with liquid Sevin…they thought it was ketchup for tomato stems!  Tonight, I put aluminum foil collars around all 54 of my plants…I’m hoping this will finally be the cure for the cutworm damage.  I did manage to dig up two of the monsters and squish them with great satisfaction, but I know there are more than two!

photoSpeaking of eating things green…we bought a Vitamix!  This machine is a bit expensive, but well worth every penny.  We’ve been freezing fruits and tossing them in the Vitamix with giant fistfuls of kale, a few dollops of yogurt and some skim milk to make the best green smoothies ever!  We even used the leaves from the kohlrabi to make a bright green and tasty smoothie.  I fully plan to drink most of the garden this summer!

May212013garden 011Speaking of delicious, last night we had some fried chicken with delicious birds from Synergistic Acres.  This was some of the best chicken I have ever had!  It had an amazingly rich, full flavor and a great texture.  It actually tasted like chicken!  Store bought chicken has so little flavor and almost no texture at all…you might as well eat tofu most of the time.  These chickens get to scratch pasture and are fed no hormones or GMO grains which makes them delicious and much better for you.  I highly recommend that you order some birds from this great Kansas family owned farm.

May212013garden 013



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