Tomato Tasting F.A.Q.

  • Does it cost anything to attend?  No…absolutely free for all tomato lovers!
  • If I don’t have any tomatoes this year, can I still attend?  Definitely! It’s optional to bring breads or cheeses or anything else that would accompany tomatoes, but you can just bring yourself and your palate.
  • What else should I bring?  Bring a lawn chair and a cool beverage
  • I plan on bringing tomatoes, how should I bring them?  Please bring them whole and labeled.  Label them at the stem end with a sharpie.  I’ll have plenty of paper plates we can label the plates once we slice the tomatoes for serving.  I’ll also have several cutting boards and knives for slicing as well as salt and toothpicks for serving.
  • Can I bring a tomato dish?  YES!  We love to try new and delicious dishes that make use of our produce.  Please bring a few dozen copies of the recipe if you wouldn’t mind.
  • When should I arrive?  We’ll start setting up around 8:00 and checking people in around 9:00.  Please don’t be later than 9:30 if you are bringing tomatoes to taste.  We usually wrap up around noon or so.
  • Can I bring guests and children?  Definitely!  Please bring any friends that truly appreciate a good tomato!  Children are also welcome.

You might also want to bring a small notebook and pen to write with.  There will be a LOT of varieties to sample and you might want to take notes so you can keep track of your favorites.

As an incentive for people to bring labeled varieties of tomatoes, I’ll be giving away 2 free plants to each gardener that brings in at least 5 labeled varieties of tomatoes.  For every 5 different types you bring, you’ll get 2 free plants of your choice!  Bring 10 types, get 4 plants, bring 15 types, get 6 free plants! We love variety…so bring in as many as you can!

We’ll also have a voting system this year.  Each participant will receive 5 grey tickets.  As you sample the varieties and find your favorites, you’ll write the name of the varieties on your tickets and place them in a voting container.  You can use all 5 of your tickets to vote for one variety or vote for 5 different ones. We’ll tally the results after the event and I’ll grow the top 10 next year and have them available for sale.

Again the event is The Local Pig at 9 a.m. on August 3rd!

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