Winter Gardening…not for the weak of back!

Filling sandbags, lugging lumber, and portaging compost on a warm January weekend will remind you that you have neglected those gardening muscles for far too long!  The greenhouse is full of flats of early spring varieties just waiting for March to get here so they can find their new homes in the raised beds.  I re-planted spinach and carrot seeds in three raised beds and covered them with double tunnels in hopes of an extra early harvest.  All in all, I stayed very busy this weekend and here are some videos to show what’s going on in the January garden.

This first video is from early December.  These lettuces made it through some very cold temperatures through Christmas, but those -14 temps we had in early January killed them off.  The carrots managed to survive, but were definitely stunted from the bitter cold.  Temps this cold are a rarity in zone 6…in a “normal” year I know they would have thrived all the way through.

This video is of the greenhouse filled with flats of seeds ready to sprout!

This is a video of my lumber and compost pile…lots of work ahead for me!

This video is of my three double tunnels I finished this weekend.  It takes a LOT of work to get them to this stage, but having fresh spinach and carrots before anyone else will be worth the effort.  Tripper made a “special” appearance in this video…he has no shame.

Besides the things going on in the greenhouse and the garden, I have all of my pepper seeds sown and incubating in the house and growing under fluorescent lights.

I hope these videos give you an idea of what it takes to have a large garden….it’s a labor of love, but there is a LOT of labor!


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