Spinach, Pac Choi and Radishes


Everything has been sold for this week.  Next week I hope to have salad kits and more spinach available!

It was a frosty morning, but all was well under the row covers in the garden! Just finished picking and washing a tub of spinach, a couple of nice bunches of pac choi, and 4 nice bunches of radishes.  Please click on the pictures to zoom in to see how fresh and beautiful these veggies are!


The spinach is just so tender and delicious that it can be eaten any way you can think of…raw, sauteed with garlic and olive oil, made into a spinach dip or a quiche…you name it, this stuff is amazing!  $7.00 per gallon bag


The pac choi makes an awesome addition to any stir fry.  It has an amazing flavor and a super crunch that stands up well to cooking.  I like it stir fried with some pork or chicken and onions….yum! $5 per bunch (Picture shows two bunches in a pile)


The radishes are a mix of China Rose, French Breakfast, and Easter Egg…they would make a beautiful addition to an Easter Brunch salad or are just amazing to eat raw with  dash of salt.  They are $2.oo a bunch.

If you want to purchase any of these veggies, please send me an e-mail letting me know what you want and I’ll send you instructions on how to pick them up.  kctomatotimes@gmail.com

When all of this week’s harvest have been spoken for, I’ll update this post letting you know they are gone.  Thank you!


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