Green Onions, Lettuce, and Plenty of Plants

I’ll head to the garden Saturday morning and pick a few gallon bags of lettuce and several bunches of green onions.  The lettuce will be $5 a gallon bag and the onions will be $2 for  bunch of 5 onions.  Stop by tomorrow between 8 and noon if you’re interested.


I also have plenty of plants left.  Hopefully everyone covered their plants last night and tonight, but if you lost plants or still need to get plants for your garden, stop by tonight between 5 and 7 or tomorrow between 8 and noon.  I’m down to about 75 varieties, but the plants are in great shape and ready to plant after tomorrow morning’s chance of frost.

I’m at 215 East 97th St., KCMO.  See you this weekend!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


  1. leticia madrigal said

    Do you have any white tomatoes? I have the cherry whites but I need a large white variety.  


    • huntoften said

      I have Weisbehaarte and Snow white..both are small fruited.

  2. Anderson, Nels said

    Any chance I could stop this evening after work, say at 5:30? I live in Spring Hill, so not easy to come over on Saturday…..Nels

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