The Garden is IN!!!


With the exception of some sunflowers and melons going in a corner of the garden, everything is planted finally!  I’ve pulled a lot of the early season crops and planted summer crops behind them.  The garlic will be harvested in a month or so and I’ll plant more beans and corn in behind those as well.

Here is a breakdown of everything planted so far:

64 tomato plants in raised beds:

Cherokee Purple (2), JD’s Special C-TEX, Carbon (3), Bear Creek, Chocolate Stripes, Sara Black, Brandywine Black, Brad’s Black Heart, Ananas Noire (2), Goose Creek (2), Mariana’s Peace, Eva Purple Ball, Soldaki, Lithuanian, Budennovka Pink, Arkansas Traveler, Grandfather Ashlock, Amish Paste (4), Brandywine Sudduth, Marmande Garnier Rouge, German Giant, Heavenly Delight (Rayskoe Naslazhdenie), Bolseno F1, Stump of the World, Cero Blackburn, Banana, Heidi, Boondocks, KBX, Pineapple, Pineapple Pig, Cherokee Gold, Cherokee Green, Absinthe, Green Moldovan, Malachite Box, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Grub’s Mystery Green, Anna Russian, Rosella Crimson (2), Hippie Zebra, Kiss the Sky (2), Honeydrop (Medovya Kaplya), Juanne Flamme, Weisebehaarte, Green Tiger, Pink Tiger, Lucky Tiger, Sungold, Purple Haze, Blush, Sunrise Bumblebee, Purple Bumblebee, and Pink Bumblebee. PHEW!!!

90 peppers in containers:

Serrano Del Sol (2), S80D, hot Rod, Serrano, Sweet Banana (5), Large Red Cherry (5), Jalapeno (5), Jimmy Nardello (5), Canary bell (5), Purple Beauty (5), California Wonder (3), Cascabelle, Carmen, Trinidad Scorpion (2), Padron (2), Peppadew (3), Stavros (2), Anaheim (2), Pimento, Krimson Lee, Chimayo, Yellow Peter pepper, Red Peter Pepper, Hot cowhorn, Mellow Star (3), Shishito (5), Chocolate Habanero (2), Numex Joe E. Parker (4), Santa Fe Grande (2), Hot Wax (2), Hungarian Cheese (2), Carolina Reaper (3), Chocolate Moruga,  Pot Burgundy, Queen Laurie, Chinese Naga, Brazilian Ghost, Malawi, White Habanero, Billy Goat, Thai Hot, Tepin, Yellow Pequin

10 eggplant in containers:

Long Purple (4), Florida Market (2), Nadia, Black Beauty (2), Rosa Bianca

Other veggies too numerous to name by species: Summer Squash (12 varieties), Bush Beans, Sweet Corn, 6 varieties of cucumbers, Oregon Giant snow peas, 4 types of beets, tons of onions, asparagus, cardoon, elephant and Russian red garlic, rhubarb, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots, okra, kohlrabi, 3 kinds of kale, myriad herbs and probably some more I forgot about!

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  1. Mary Ellen said

    My god.

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