Tomato Plant Pruning

Here’s an awesome video my friends Todd and Julie made for me.  Enjoy!


  1. Linda McCay said

    Good information/demonstration and video/sound!

  2. Ciara said

    Help!! I am having an issue with my tomatoes getting worm holes. I’ve pulled the few that I’ve found with them, and one had a teensy caterpillar on it. I’m not sure what/how to deal with this. HELP ME PLEASE!!

    • huntoften said

      If you can send me a picture of the worm, I can help you more. Best bet is to hand pick them and then spray with BT worm killer.

  3. […] No mater what you use to control or prevent disease, you need to apply them regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions and re-apply after heavy rains wash them away.  You will also need to be diligent in pruning any branches of your plants that show signs of diseases and make sure you prune the bottoms of your plants to allow for air circulation…check out my video for more details. […]

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