Shishito Peppers


If you are not growing and eating Shishito Peppers you are missing out on a true delicacy of the garden!  Shishito
Peppers are a Japanese variety of flavorful, very mild pepper.  The Japanese aren’t much for super spicy foods, so they grow these peppers for flavor with just a tiny touch of burn.  They are served in some of the finer restaurants such as the American and Gram and Dunn here in Kansas City.

They are very easy to grow and very prolific plants.


Cooking the peppers is as easy as it gets….add a teeny tiny amount of olive oil to a pan…heat on high and toss in whole Shishito peppers.  They will pop, smoke, and blister as they cook…just keep turning them and let them blister on all sides until they soften up a bit, but not too much.  Then add some salt (flake salt is best) squeeze a the juice from a lemon over them and give them one last toss in the pan.  Serve immediately.  Eat the whole pepper up to the seeds…don”t eat the stem!

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