KCTT Tomato Tasting #6


80 Feet of Tomatoes!

We had a record number of tomatoes (about 100) and a record number of tasters (about 150) last Saturday for the 6th Annual Tomato Tasting.  Thanks so much to the fine folks at The Local Pig for hosting this event again this year!  We had visitors from as far away as New York, Texas, and Iowa this year.  The weather was perfect and the food was fantastic.



I don’t think we’ve ever hit the absolute peak of harvest like we did this year.  I personally brought 43 different varieties from my own garden that were ripe on Saturday.   We had so many people bring in varieties that I was unable to keep track of them all, but it ended up being 80 feet of tomatoes lined up along the picnic tables…a sight to behold!


Tomato Nerds!

I want to thank my mother for bringing so many tomatoes from her garden…all of the slicers for the sandwiches were from her backyard garden.  Thank you to Camry for all of her work in organizing the food drive.  Thank you to Todd and Julie for coming by early to help us set things up and slice tomatoes.  Thank you to anyone else who helped out as well!  A special thank you to Matt from The Local Pig for all of his support and hard work to make things run so smoothly!  Thank you to all that brought tomatoes and side dishes for everyone to sample…no one went away hungry that’s for sure!


Black Cherry was the winner this year!

We had 58 different tomatoes get votes in our entirely un-scientific voting method.  This shows just how diverse people’s tastes are and that there is a tomato out there for everyone!  Here are the tabulated results:

Black Cherry 19
Sungold 15
Lucky Tiger 11
Grandfather Ashlock 8
Brandywine Sudduth’s 7
Carbon 7
Cherokee Purple 6
Garden Peach 6
Opalka 6
Sunrise Bumblebee 6
Anna Russian 5
Black Krim 5
Boondocks 5
Green Tiger 5
Kiss the Sky 5
Snow White 5
Soldaki 5
Speckled Roma 5
Pineapple 4
Yellow Pear 4
Honey Drop – Medovaya Kaplya 3
Purple Haze 3
Blush 3
Black from Tula 2
Black Magic 2
Brad’s Black heart 2
Brandywine 2
Brazilian Beauty 2
Carolina Gold 2
Cherokee Gold 2
Cherokee Green 2
Northern Lights 2
OSH21-27 2
Prue 2
Rosella Crimson 2
Zogola 2
Arkansas Traveler 1
Beefy Boy 1
Budanovka Pink 1
Burraker’s Favorite 1
Delta Cartone 1
German Giant 1
Grubb’s Mystery Green 1
High Pigment 1
Hippie Zebra 1
Juanne Flamme 1
Kumato 1
Lithuanian 1
Marvel Stripe 1
Noire Charboneuse 1
Paul Robeson 1
Pole 1
Rumpto 1
Sara Black 1
Sun Lucky x Anna Russian 2
10-2k-7-S Variegated Line 1

We’ll taste again next year…I already have plans to make the KCTTTT #7 even better than ever!


  1. KC Tomato said

    I didn’t have any “sun lucky” ripe so there were probably 2 votes for Sun Lucky x Anna Russian

    • huntoften said

      Ok…I’ll adjust the results

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