Flavor and FIRE!!!!!!!!!


About 40 pepper lovers and those who like to watch people suffer attended our third pepper tasting on Saturday evening.  The Local Pig was our gracious host this year and they provided a pitcher of chunky and flavorful bloody mary, some great pickled beans and peppers and some of their amazing habanero sauce.  We had over 30 types of peppers available ranging from the sweet Purple Beauty to the mean and nasty Carolina Reaper.


Many of the attendees brought delicious things for folks to sample including a great pot of “Triple Threat Chili” that my mother brought, two different kinds of brightly colored pepper jelly, several amazingly flavorful and smoking hot sauces, and salsas, hummus, and some lovely desserts including an eclair cake!

peppertasting1 peppertasting4 - Copy

The peppers were the star of the show as the brave tasters worked their way around the table of peppers ordered by their Scoville Heat Unit ranking.  Some made it all the way around the table to the SUPER HOT Chinese Naga, Brazillian Ghost, Trinidad Scorpion, Brain Strain, 7 Pot Moruga and the infamous Carolina Reaper.  Many others tapped out before they got that hot, but made valiant efforts at taming the heat nonetheless.

peppertasting5 peppertastign6

A good time was had by all and we’ll definitely do this again next year!




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