2015 Tomato, Pepper, Herb, and other Summer Plants Lists

Well I’m a couple of weeks later than usual in posting my lists, but I’ve been a bit discombobulated the past few months due to some major life changes and am going to have to adjust things accordingly this spring.  The first big change in my life is that I am no longer a classroom teacher.  After 18+ years in the classroom, I switched careers and am now an Education Specialist for the Missouri Department of Conservation at the Gorman Discovery Center on Troost.  My new job is great as I spend my days teaching the public about the wonders of fish, forests, and wildlife.  Another major change this year is that my mother-in-law passed away last week and I’ll need to devote some time this spring with my wife as we cope with her loss and the estate she left behind.  Due to these two factors, I won’t have quite as much time to spend managing the plants so a few things will change.

The first major change will be that I will not be taking pre-orders for tomato and pepper plants as I have done in the past.  I hate to drop this convenience feature for so many of you, but organizing and preparing all of those orders takes three or four days and I just don’t have much spare time this spring.  Another change is that I will have a bit fewer days of sales this year.  I am committed to a special plant event on May 2nd and won’t be open for sales on the first Saturday in May.  The Grow Native event and SeedSavers KC plant exchange is that day at the Discovery Center and you’re welcome to come down there that day to swap some of your own plants with other gardeners and pick up some free native flowers and grasses that I am growing for the MDC.

I’ll post up the dates and times for tomato and pepper plant sales later on, but for now plan on weekends starting April 18th through May 10th with the exception of May 2.  I will have very limited evening hours this year as well, but will be available some evening by appointment.

So without further ado….here is the list  Make sure you print it off and bring your own boxes to carry your plants home in and you’ll receive a free plant of your choice.

2015 Plant Lists

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