Early Spring Plants, Low Tunnel Materials, and Gardening Classes

floating row covered bed

It’s almost time to get your early spring gardens planted!  Early salad crops and onions can be planted as early as the first week of March if you use low tunnels.  You’ll need to wait until towards the end of March if you don’t plan on using low tunnels.


If you haven’t taken one of my early spring gardening classes in the past, now is your chance to learn how to use your beds efficiently to get multiple crops out of the same space throughout the seasons.  If you time things right you can get two if not three harvests of different crops out of the same space.  My classes are $50 and include all of the plants and materials you’ll need to plant a 10 foot garden full of great salad ingredients and cover them with a low tunnel.  I’ll teach you how to plant and help you out with advice throughout the year to keep your garden growing.  I am offering 10 a.m. classes on Saturday and Sunday,March 7 and 8.



For those of you that have already taken my gardening classes, I have plenty of Agribong 19 and Hoop Loops ordered if you want to expand your gardens this year.  The Agribond is $1 a foot and the Hoop Loops are 3 for $10.

fall harvest2012 010

I’ve got a great selection of densely planted early spring plants for sale this year as well.  All plants will be $2 a set.  I’ll be open on  March 7th and 8th from 8-9 a.m. and from 1 – 4 p.m. both days.  If you can’t make it during one of those days, let me know what time and day work for you and I can work out a time for us to meet.

fall harvest2012 007

Here are the varieties I have growing for you:

Lettuces:  Rocky Top, Red Tide, Little Gem, All Star, Black Seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch, Bronze Mignonett,Red Romaine, and Paris Island COS,

Onions:  Several varieties of plants from Dixondale Farms

Kohlrabi:  Winner, Quickstar, Early Purple Vienna, and Kossack

Radishes:  Early Scarlet Globe, and Champion

Cauliflower:  Graffiti, Veronica, and Vitaverde

Broccoli:  Green Magic

Kale:  Red Russian, Toscano, and Starbor

Beets:  Golden, Merlin, and Red Ace

Brussels Sprouts:  Long Island Improved

Swiss Chard:  Bright Lights

Minuet Chinese Cabbage

Pac Choi and Extra Dwarf Pac Choi


Broccoli Raab

Graffiti cauliflower...tastes as good as it looks!

Graffiti cauliflower…tastes as good as it looks!

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  1. i feel hopeful and warmer just looking at your pics. i think i can even smell the dirt!

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