Better Late Than Never…THE LIST!!!


With my career change last year came a huge change in my priorities in life.  My job keeps me super busy, but also super happy.  Gardening and working in the greenhouse used to be my “escape” from the unhealthy stresses of my old job.  I now find myself in a much better state of mind at the end of the workday and do not have the need to decompress for hours on end with plants in my hands.  That being said….I still love to grow and still love to help people have amazing gardens, but things will be scaled back a bit for now.

I have  a great lineup of tomato and pepper plants this year and they are looking very good and ready to be transplanted in the next couple of weeks.  I will not be planting the huge numbers of each variety though. I’ll have a lot of plants for sale, but may run out of some types quickly.  It will be first come, first served again this year, so stop by early to have your best chance at getting the types of plants you really want to grow.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as I transition into my new awesome career.

My plant sale dates will be as follows:

April 16th:  GO NATIVE Event at the Discovery Center (FREE Native plants,  trees, seeds and landscaping advice)

April 23rd:   8-4

April 30th:  8-4

May 1st:    8-noon

May 7th:    8-4

May 8th:    8-noon

I am at 215 East 97th Street, KCMO.


  1. Charlie said

    Hey James what kind of wood would you suggest for a raised bed and thank you for the post

  2. JDS said

    My 9 and 11 year old sons have been searching for the mexico midget tomato plant after finding it listed in the EPIC TOMATO book! They are ecstatic your list contains this plant. They are also looking for POLISH variety. We will see you at 4/23 sale.

  3. Ellen Porter said

    Hello James
    Would you water a well drained raised bed of tomatoes more often than what you suggest on your 10 rules for successful tomatoes?
    How much water per plant?
    Thanks for your reply

    • huntoften said

      Absolutely! I grow exclusively in raised beds with excellent drainage and only water at the most…every 5-7 days. In fact, I go 10 days between waterings often. My beds have no bottom in them and the plants send down deep roots to tap into sub-surface moisture. I water my plants in heavy (a gallon per plant) when I transplant, then do not water them again for at least a week. I also use silver reflective mulch film on my beds and drip irrigation under the film which keeps the soil consistently moist and makes for super healthy plants. The worst thing you can do to a tomato plant is to water it too often. Water deeply (1-2 gallons per plant depending on the size of the plant) and do it no more than once every 5-7 days.

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