Too hot for tomatoes? Maybe…

This heat isn’t necessarily a good thing. This is our peak “fruit setting” time and we’re rarely in the mid to upper 90’s at this time of year. I’m a bit worried about the crop…this article explains it a bit more:


  1. Ellen Porter said

    The tomatoes in my raised bed look stressed; leaves are yellowing,dry and mottled. I am watering more due to heat, but worry that is harmful in long run. Any suggestions???

  2. huntoften said

    Sounds like you have some septoria or some type of blight. Do not water them more than once every 5-7 days even in the hottest weather. If they curl up a bit during the heat of the day, but look ok in the morning, they do not need watering. Prune any branches with yellowing leaves and keep pruning every day or two to keep it from spreading.

    • Ellen Porter said

      Thank you James
      Is there an organic spray for this problem?
      My yellow pear tomato plant has already succumbed……

  3. huntoften said

    You can spray with copper if you want to stay organic.

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