KCTTTT #8….The Ocho Was AWESOME!

We had the best weather we could ever hope for on the first Saturday of August in Kansas City!  Thanks to some awesome publicity in the Kansas City Star, we had a record turnout of over 200 tasters!  We had 58 varieties of tomatoes to taste and some wonderful dishes that people brought as well as delicious charcuterie and BLT’s from Local Pig and Pigwich.  We’re looking to make next year’s 9th annual tasting on August 5th, 2017 even bigger and better than the previous 8 combined…stay tuned for news!

I took a few pictures, but there are more on Facebook and on Tomatotown.org

We also did our totally unscientific, totally unofficial tomato tasting voting.  Keep in mind that there were limited quantities of many types and several varieties came in late after lots of people voted.  Despite all of that, Sungold rose to the top of the ranks as it is almost always in the top two or three of the lists!  Absinthe and Kiss the Sky were right on the heels of the champ though!

Sungold 27
Absinthe 26
Kiss the Sky 26
Brandywine Sudduth 24
Black Krim 21
Carbon 21
Mexico Midget 20
Cherry Bomb 15
Black Cherry Quartz 14
Stupice 12
Cherokee Purple 10
Sorollina Choice 10
Blush 9
Kosovo 9
Lucky Tiger 9
Paul Robeson 9
Three Way 9
White Tomesol 9
Brandywine Red 8
Abe Lincoln 7
Monkey Ass 7
Aunt Gertie’s Gold 6
Cherokee Gold 6
Chocolate Lightning 6
Juan Flamme 6
Black Apple 5
Lithuanian 5
Sunrise Bumblebee 5
Early Girl 4
Greek Dolmate 4
Hippie Zebra 4
Juliet Grape 4
Rutger’s 4
Celebrity 3
Kellogg’s breakfast 3
Kimberly 3
Nepal 3
Yoder German Yellow 3
12-HOL 2
Killer 2
Paul Romanesco 2
Black Brandywine 1
Bonnie Original 1
Cherokee Goddess 1
Early Girl Red 1
Indigo Cherry Drops 1
Speckled Roman 1



  1. Christy S. said

    I can’t find Sorollina Choice as a tomato. Closest thing I found was Sophie’s Choice. Any thought on that?

    • huntoften said

      This is a very rare variety…only Keith Mueller has seeds for this hybrid I think

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