Early Spring Gardening Class

This post is primarily for those who signed up for the gardening class I am offering with the Olive Tree.  If you’re interested in spring gardening plants including onion plants, please let me know.


Thank you so much for joining my spring gardening class this year! I’m very excited to be partnering with the Olive Tree to bring you great products to make your home grown vegetables taste their finest!

We will be meeting at the Olive Tree (4937 W. 119th Street (In Hawthorne Plaza) at noon on Sunday, March 11th.  We’ll spend about an hour there talking about the concepts of garden location, succession gardening, soil building, and myriad other topics as well as learning a bit about olive oils and vinegars to make those tasty salad dressings.

From there we will caravan to my home (215 East 97th Street, Kansas City, MO) to do some hands on learning while planting a garden. We’ll be working in the soil outdoors, so dress appropriately for the conditions and weather.  After we get a bed planted  and a low tunnel installed to see how it’s done, you’ll pick out your seedlings, get your seeds, onion plants, and the materials to build your low tunnel to protect your garden.  Then you’ll be off to grow all the good things this spring!

Click the link below to get a peek at what we’ll be covering as well as the list of vegetable seedlings you will have to select from.  All are hyperlinked for you to click on to learn about and see pictures of.  You will get to pick 10 sets of the selected varieties, you will also get a packet of radish seeds, a packet of beet seeds, and a packet of carrot seeds to plant as well.

Spring Gardening Planting Guide (1)

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at kctomatotimes@gmail.com and I’ll be glad to help in any way I can.


  1. Tom Lowe said

    james are you going to have any reaper plants for sale?

  2. huntoften said

    Yes..the list is here https://kctomatotimes.wordpress.com/2018/03/02/2018-tomato-pepper-eggplant-and-herb-seedling-list/

  3. tom lowe said

    when will you have hot hot peppers for sale?

  4. huntoften said


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