Online Ordering and Driveway Pickup for Plant Sales this year.

Due to the COVID-19 virus and the need for social distancing to slow the spread of this, I will now not have open sale dates.  It pains me greatly not to be able to see all of your smiling faces, beautiful families, and talk tomato on the back patio, but we need to be responsible for the health of all of us.

I will post details in the next week about how to order my plants online and how to pick them up in my driveway.  I will also update the list as I’ve lost a few types of peppers and have an entire tray of tomato varieties I can’t find the sheet for!  Stay tuned for next week’s updated blog with the new list and information on how to order your plants and pick them up in a safe manner.

Thank you for your understanding….I miss all of you!


  1. Leo Marcel said

    I purchased a Sungold plant from you several years ago, and it was wonderful. it kept me in tomatoes for the entire year. I moved into a condominium and I am limited for space so I have to grow them in containers. I only have room for 2 I would love Sungold, but I don’t think my container can handle it. Can you recommend 2 plants that would do well in containers? I can drive to your place for pick up and pay cash. I am very sorry to take up your time during your busy season. If the order is too small, I would understand. Thank you.

    Leo Marcel
    11215 Summit #2001
    Lenexa, Ks. .

    • huntoften said

      Thank you Leo. I have numerous dwarf type plants that would do well in a container of 5 gallons or larger. Please follow the instructions on my blog to place your order for pickup in my driveway.

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