Plant Ordering Now OPEN again….temporarily!

I have had some time to get my plants sorted a bit and now will be able to have sales again.  I am out of a LOT of varieties, but still have fantastic types that I know you’ll love even though you may not get your favorites.  Substitutions to your list will be highly likely at this point, so please understand that before you place your order.

If you’d like to just have me pick out your plants, I’m more than happy to do that.  Just say in the notes of your payment how many plants you’d like and if you’d like large fruited or small fruited tomatoes; sweet, hot, or super hot peppers; Italian or Asian eggplant and basil; and slicing or pickling cucumbers.  I’ll find plants that fit your needs and who knows, you may end up with a new favorite!

I will only be accepting online orders and payments from now on…PayPal only, no checks or cash.  The first day orders may be picked up is Sunday, May 2nd.  


To keep my sanity and make this process as effective and efficient as possible, I ask for you to follow these steps to place your orders for plants.

  1. Determine which varieties of tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, and/or herb plants you would like to have in your order and the quantity of each.  Please review my list as some varieties have changed since the initial publication.
    Multiply the number of plants you wish to purchase by $2.50 to come up with your total cost.
  2. Use PayPal to send money to
  3. In the “notes” section, include your list of plants (Use the abbreviations if possible) and quantity of each.

    Also include the date you would like to pick up your plants.

    Plants will be available beginning May 3rd .  Orders must be placed at least FOUR days prior to your pickup date to ensure I have time to fill the order.

  4. Plants will be in boxes by my driveway gate beginning at 8 a.m. on the day you indicated that you will pick them up.  My address is 215 East 97th Street, KCMO
  5. Understand that if I am out of a particular variety that you ordered, I will substitute it with a comparable plant variety.

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