This Saturday, May 8th I’ll have open sales at my home. 215 East 97th Street, KCMO 64114. Open hours will be from 8 a.m. to noon and from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Thank you to all that pre-ordered this year…I appreciate your business, but really dislike filling all those cardboard boxes with plants and not getting to see the faces of all the gardeners on my back patio!

The CDC is allowing for more freedom with outdoor activities now and I feel more comfortable with having a plant sale now.  We will still require social distancing and if possible  only bring yourself with as few other people as possible unless they are buying plants as well..  If there are more than 3 people on the back patio when you arrive, please wait in the driveway until there is room for you to shop.  

I am out of ARGG and AMGC for sure (stupid bird got in my greenhouse and killed those two)  
I do have some varieties that were not listed on my original list.  I have some Carolina Reapers and a few other cool types of sweet peppers as well.

Please bring your own box or container to carry your plants in  I’ll take cash, check, or payment by PayPal.  

2021 Plant List


  1. Sheri McNeil said

    do you still have any Aunt Ruby’s German Green tomatoes?

  2. Melinda Fisher said

    Good morning James. Do you have any of the stupice tomatoes left? I planted two in the community garden last week and unfortunately they did not make it.

    Thank you so much
    Melinda Fisher


    • Sorry…I am out of that variety, but can replace it with something else if you’d like.

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