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The 2010 List…linked for your convenience

I managed to get 41 varieties started this morning (forgot to plant 4 others)  before the snow began.  I have no clue how I managed to end up with 45 types of tomatoes, but it’s too late to worry about that now!

Not all of the varieties are true heirlooms, but the vast majority are.  Some are hybrids designed for container gardening, while some are supposed the be the tastiest new hybrids out there.  I’ve got red, pink, yellow, black, green, white, orange and bi-colored tomatoes this year…quite the rainbow!  Sizes range from big slicers to tasty snacking cherries and pears and everything in between.

Unfortunately I’ve only had a pinch of seeds (less than 15) of some of the varieties and some of those are spoken for in my own garden and my family’s gardens (my mother and brother are tomato lunatics now!).  Depending on germination rates, I may not have any of some of the varieties to sell.  Don’t worry though, I’ll have more than enough varieties to keep your garden full and you’ll be the talk of the town with the fruits of your garden this summer!

Take the time to peruse the list and click on the links to learn about these great fruits…maybe it will keep your mind off of the SNOWNAMI!

A special thanks to Tatiana Kouchnareva for a great tomato site and selling some awesome seeds!  A big thank you to Tomato Grower’s Supply for their expansive seed selection and great service.  Kudos as well to Remy at The Sample Seed Shop for offering a great variety in small quantity so we can try some new types of tomatoes.

Aunt Ruby’s German Green
Barracker’s Favorite
Berkeley Tie Dye
Better Bush
Black Cherry
Black Krim
Brandywine Sudduth’s Strain

Bush Champion VFFA Hybrid

Chadwick’s Cherry

Cherokee Purple

Doctor Carolyn
Earl’s Faux
Early Wonder
Eva Purple Ball
Gigant Pelina
Isis Candy
JD’s Special C-Tex
Kellogg’s Breakfast
Martino’s Roma
Mister Stripey (Tigrella)
Mortgage Lifter
Patio F Hybrid
Paul Robeson
Pink Ping Pong
Roma VF
Rutgers VFA
Snow White
Stump of the World
Sun Gold Hybrid
Sunsugar F1
Tom’s Yellow Wonder
Yellow Pear

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