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Tomato Plant Pruning

Here’s an awesome video my friends Todd and Julie made for me.  Enjoy!

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First Day of Summer 2014

I’v been battling bronchitis the past two weeks and have had no energy/wind to work in the garden much at all.  Despite my neglect, the garden is doing well thanks to the rains, raised beds, and lots of work to get the garden ready this spring.  Here are a couple of videos of the progress so far…try to ignore my heavy breathing!


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Kale Kale and More KALE!


The summer garden is growing very well with all of this rain we’ve had of late.  The kale has been especially productive!  I’ve got three varieties growing: Russian Red, Dwarf Siberian, and Starbor.  I also have some garlic scapes left, but am down to the absolute last of these delicious morsels.

Kale is $3 per bunch (a large fistful gathered at the stems)

Garlic Scapes are $5 for a baker’s dozen.

We use the kale for our morning green smoothies, making kale chips, and for use in an awesome massaged kale and mango salad that tastes exactly like summer!  Kale is also a great addition to stews and soups and can be cooked as traditional greens as well.

Send me an e-mail at to let me know what you need and I’ll make sure you get some kale to enjoy this week!

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